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About Us

Our Mission

To find a fair solution to coexist with White Rock Quarries and stop the damages to our properties caused by their blasting operations.

White Rock Mining Blasting Damages

Who We Are

We are a group of concerned residents affected by the blasting from White Rock Quarries.

Mining for limerock in the southeast Florida has been occurring for decades.  The industry is highly regulated.  Florida Legislature passed Senate Bill 772 in the year 2000 which shifted all local regulation of the use of explosives related to mining of construction materials to the State level.  However, each section of the State has different soil conditions.  Therefore, mining in southeast Florida is different than the rest of the state.   Our area is located directly on top of the Biscayne Aquifer.  Not only is this aquifer the water source for our drinking water, it allows the energy wave to be carried great distances, affecting our properties.

This website is supported by affected property owners and represents actual damages.  It is not affiliated with any other entity.

The intention of this website is to bring awareness to our problem and illicit change.