Miami Lakes Sponsored Bus Trip to Lobby Tallahassee

A bus, sponsored by The Town of Miami Lakes left to lobby Tallahassee on behalf of the over 10,000 affected homes.

An agenda was created for the lobbyists,  however, the Senator Diaz stated that he did not want to see the photographic evidence or listen to the issues issues.  The Speaker of the House, a resident of Miami Lakes, did not appear for his scheduled appointment.   Representative Ana Maria Rodriguez met with the group.  She expressed her desire to be of assistance moving forward.  Representative Polo\’s Aide met with the group and discussed the topic at length.  Later, Representative Polo met as well briefly.  She was in between meetings.  The group also met with the office of the State Fire Marshal.  The department is in charge of enforcing the current regulations.  They stated, they were not aware of all the issues and grievances faced by home owners of the area.  They stated they would review the procedures of DOAH (the only avenue provided for relief of homeowners).