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Contact Your Elected Officials and the Media

Contact Information

Get in touch with your elected officials and the media by sending your message clicking the options on the right. Your message will be sent to the elected lawmakers that can help you with the damages being caused by the blasting. You can also send your message to several media outlets by clicking the media option.


Simply click on the “envelope” above each group. Your default email application will open and then we will create the email for you. You may wish to edit or send as is. Press “send” and you are done. Do not forget to use each group listed!

Have Your Message Heard

Local Politicians Group #1

Joe Martinez – District 11, Javier Souto – District 10, Dennis Moss – District 9, Xavier Suarez – District 7, Rebecca Sosa -District 6, Eileen Higging – District 5, Sally Heyman – District 4, Audrey Edmonson – District 3, Jean Monestime – District 2, Barbara Jordan – District 1, Daniella Cava – Commisioner District 08, Jose Diaz – Commissioner District 12, Esteban Bovo – Commissioner District 13, Jorge Gutierrez, Councilman, Luciano Garcia, Chairman, Yioset DeLaCruz – Mayor

Local Politicians Group #2

Winston Barnes, Commissioner, Yvette Colbourne, Commissioner, Maxwell Chambers, Commissioner, Alexandra Davis – Vice Mayor, Wayne Messam, Mayor, Arturo Ruiz – Director of Admin, Elmo Urra, Councilman, Jorge Merida – Finance Chair, Rolando Pina – Vice Chairman, Carlos Alvarez – Council seat 6, Luis Collazo – Council seat 5, Josh Dieguez – Council seat 4, Marilyn Ruano – Council seat 3, Jeffrey Rodriguez – Council seat 2, Nelson Rodriguez – Vice Mayor Seat 1, Manny Cid – Mayor

Representatives Group #1

Michelle Salzman, Alex Andrade, Jayer Williamson, Patt Maney, Brad Drake, Jay Trumbull, Jason Shoaf, Ramon Alexander, Allison Tant, Chuck Brannan, Cord Byrd, Clay Yarborough, Tracie Davis, Angie Nixon, Wyman Duggan

Representatives Group #2

Jason Fischer, Cyndi Stevenson, Sam Garrison, Bobby Payne, Yvonne Hinson, Chuck Clemons, Joe Harding, Stan McClain, Paul Renner, Tom Leek, Elizabeth Fetterhoff, Webster Barnaby, David Smith, Scott Plakon, Joy Goff-Marcil

Representatives Group #3

Keith Truenow, Anthony Sabatini, Brett Hage, Ralph Massullo, Blaise Ingoglia, Amber Mariano, Ardian Zika, Randy Maggard, Josie Tomkow, Colleen Burton, Sam Killebrew, Fred Hawkins, Kristen Arrington, Geraldine Thompson, Kamia Brown

Representatives Group #4

Travaris McCurdy, Anna Eskamani, Daisy Morales, Carlos Smith, Rene Plasencia, Tyler Sirois, Thad Altman, Randy Fine, Erin Grall, Kaylee Tuck, Melony Bell, Mike Beltran, Lawrence McClure, Andrew Learned, Jackie Toledo

Representatives Group #5

Dianne Hart, Susan Valdes, Fentrice Driskell, Traci Koster, Chris Sprowls, Nick DiCeglie, Chris Latvala, Ben Diamond, Linda Chaney, Michele Rayner, Will Robinson, Fiona McFarland, Tommy Gregory,
James Buchanan, Michael Grant

Representatives Group #6

Adam Botana, Mike Giallombardo, Jenna Persons, Spencer Roach, Lauren Melo, Kelly Skidmore, John Snyder, Toby Overdorf, Dana Trabulsy, Rick Roth, Matt Willhite, David Silvers, Omari Hardy,
Mike Caruso, Joseph Casello

Representatives Group #7

Emily Slosberg, Pat Williams, Chip LaMarca, Bobby DuBose, Anika Omphroy, Christine Hunschofsky, Dan Daley, Michael Gottlieb, Evan Jenne, Joseph Geller, Marie Woodson, Felicia Robinson, Tom Fabricio, Robin Bartleman, David Borrero

Representatives Group #8

Bob Rommel, Christopher Benjamin, Dotie Joseph, James Bush, Alex Rizo, Bryan Avila, Nicholas Duran, Michael Grieco, Demi Busatta Cabrera, Vance Aloupis, Daniel Perez, Kevin Chambliss, Anthony Rodriguez, Juan F Barquin, James Mooney

Senators Group #1

Senator Doug Broxson, Senator George B. Gainer, Senator Loranne Ausley, Senator Aaron Bean, Senator Jennifer Bradley, Senator Audrey Gibson, Senator Travis Hutson, Senator Keith Perry, Senator Jason Brodeur, Senator Wilton Simpson, Senator Randolph Bracy, Senator Dennis Baxley, Senator Linda Stewart, Senator Tom A. Wright, Senator Victor M. Torres, Jr., Senator Ed Hooper, Senator Debbie Mayfield, Senator Janet Cruz, Senator Darryl Ervin Rouson, Senator Danny Burgess

Senators Group #2

Senator Jim Boyd, Senator Kelli Stargel, Senator Joe Gruters, Senator Jeff Brandes, Senator Gayle Harrell, Senator Ben Albritton, Senator Ray Wesley Rodrigues, Senator Kathleen Passidomo, Senator Tina Scott Polsky, Senator Bobby Powell, Senator Lori Berman, Senator Lauren Book, Senator Perry E. Thurston, Jr., Senator Gary M. Farmer, Jr., Senator Shevrin D. “Shev” Jones, Senator Manny Diaz, Jr., Senator Ileana Garcia, Senator Jason W. B. Pizzo, Senator Ana Maria Rodriguez,
Senator Annette Taddeo

Staff and Media

CBS4, NBC 6 South Florida, Local 10 News, Dave Wilson – Miami Herald Senior Editor, Julie Anderson – Sun Sentinel Editor-in-Chief, Ron DeSantis – Governor, Catherine Thrasher – Chief Bureau Of Fire Prevention, Melvin Stone – Assistant Director State Fire Marshal, Julius Halas – Director State Fire Marshal, Jimmy Patronis – Chief Financial Officer, Ruben Cantillo – Bureau Of Fire Prevention SE Region, Keith McCarthy